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EVOLUTION - Automated production

An eye-catching roller door for domestic, commercial and industrial use, manufactured with a new production concept (an innovation acknowledged by the E.U.).

EVOLUTION® is the first automated production system that uses a universal profile to produce a roller shutter that can be:

  • screen
  • micro-perforated
  • grille

EVOLUTION®, a system that improves shutter management.

The aim of the system is to speed up deliveries, rationalising your logistics and shutter management because it uses the same accessories for all models.

Until now, no one had managed to industrialise a roller grille. Thanks to its 50 years of experience in the field, ISEA has developed the P100 EVOLUTION´┐Ż a roller grille that incorporates unparalleled quality and robustness while shortening installation times.

The safety of ISEA roller doors is certified
Safety requirements and performance characteristics in compliance with standard EN 12341-1
ISEA roller doors are safe in every opening and closing stage, both motor-driven and manual.
The solutions proposed have been tested by a special external committee before being put onto the market.

Therefore, it is a certified product.

P100, the smooth roller shutter, micro-lined with inspection window

Smooth or micro-lined
The staves for the roller facing can be supplied smooth or with horizontal micro-lines.
Inspection window
Some staves in the roller facing can be fitted with rectangular inspection windows in clear shockproof polycarbonate.

P100 TRASPAR, the micro-perforated shutter

Slides in high-resistance guides
The blind end helps give greater strength to the roller door.

Computerized micro-hole layout
A new production concept that enables us to program micro-perforated and blind spaces.

The micro-holes cut into the surface of the stave allow total visibility of an illuminated interior.

P100 EVOLUTION´┐Ż, roller grille

Exclusive profile
Designed to add strength and reduce noise during movement.

Safe rounded edges give added rigidity and strength to the shutter.

Unique product
The combination of the new profile and the new production system of the P100 EVOLUTION® roller grille guarantee a unique and innovative product.

galvanized steel
pre-painted white galvanized steel (similar to RAL 9010)
pre-painted grey galvanized steel (similar to RAL 9006)
painting with RAL colours

AISI 304 (UNI X CrNi 1810)
AISI 316 L (UNI X2 CrNiMo 1712)

Why stainless steel?

Stringent hygiene/sanitary standards or especially aggressive atmospheric conditions (such as those found in marine or special industrial environments) call for the use of stainless steel roller doors.
Stainless steel is in fact a special alloy that does not require any protective coating to maintain its mechanical resistance and appearance over time.

Thanks to the special construction, features and the production procedures of the EVOLUTION® system, all parts and all sizes are available in stainless steel.

Mechanical stave stop
A simple fastening system prevents the stave slipping sideways.
Tear-proof bracket
P100 EVOLUTION® is the only roller grille system designed for fitting a special tear-proof system for extra strong guide fastening and extra security...
SP 105 - End profile
A raw steel reinforced end profile ready for fitting ground impact dampening rubber pads.
Roller door guide
An advanced profile processing system is used to obtain steel guides complete with seals and special shaping for fitting all fastening systems...
Guides come complete with seals that facilitate door movement and reduce noise.
Steel skate
Steel skate with coupling. Facilitates insertion of assembled door panel into guides and allows easy fastening to the support shaft cantilever.
Esclusive profile
Linea INOX
Linea INOX
ISEA s.p.a. 40050 Funo di Argelato Bologna (Italia) via Galletti, 9
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