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The new dimension about roller/grille production

Into the roller shutter/grille field, the most important news is the EVOLUTION which represent a study for a new production process. This process wants to uniform and to modulate the components used by each bolting constructor to assemble a "ready to be installed" roller shutter/grille.

Thank to its own characteristics, EVOLUTION identify also a new type of roller "grille" eith the traditional strength but which introduce some power points which make different the product in relation to the competitors:

A greater automation about production process (acknowledged by the E.U.) A profile studied to make stronger and to reduce noise of roller grille
A roller grille obtained by a working in line and by an electronic control system A series of fitting which are commons with the exactly alike roller shutters or TRASPAR
For the bolting constructors the advantages are evident:
reduction of management cost
(optimization of warehouse)
same fittings common both for roller shutters, micro perforated and roller grilles
(optimization about assembling and simplified warehous management)
possibility to assemble roller shutter with design or special personalizations
possibility to offer roller doors composed by rounded profiles, anti cut, aspecially finished
The long barrier
Projected on purpose for the shopping centers, IMPACK, the ceiling-mounted barrier, is different from the similar systems by: construction system simplicity of installation reduced ancumbering in closing safety operation by a sole electric gear motor any dimensional limit in length
Ideal to: Close shopping galleries also with long size Close barrier of cash bench Close spaces with limited of access (anti intrusion) when a certain visibility is required

ISEA s.p.a. 40050 Funo di Argelato Bologna (Italia) via Galletti, 9
Tel. +39-(0)51-862004 r.a. Fax +39-(0)51-861404
PI. 00827961202    E-mail