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Rolling shutters for commercial outlets
External gates for large accesses
Accesses for residential buildings
Roller grilles in automated production
Evolution roller grille depliant
Rolling shutters for commercial outlets
Roller shutters/grilles screen open-frame traspar (microperforated) Ceiling-mounted telescopic barrier IMPACK Optional
System for industrial closing
Roller shutters/grilles screen open-frame traspar (microperforated) Insulated roller shutters Thermica Dp 80 Special solutions for large accesses Optional
Accesses for residential buildings
Garage doors lift up doors roller shutters for garage doors sectional doors Collapsible gates
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A valid means of anti-intrusion protection for windows and french windows of houses, offices, schools, stores, etc...

Secure (thanks to the three closing points), easy to slide (assisted by a series of double bearings at the top) and taking up little space (when open they take up just 20% of the total space), the ISEA collapsible gates are suitable for any size opening, are easy to install without the need for masonry work and do not block the light inside the protected premises.
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  • Upper vandal - proof bracket
  • Sliding guide 15x45x45x45x15, thickness 2mm
  • Wheels with bearings for upper guide sliding
  • Reinforced closing profile
  • Double bar pantograph, thickness 3+3 mm
  • Antifriction nylon bushing
  • Vertical profiles 15x15x15, thickness 1,6 mm
  • Standard fixed bottom track 30x50x30, thickness 2 mm
Chiusura antieffrazione
Shaped cylinder lock with special closing hook Lower lift-up track
90° and 180° pivoting gate For special dimension request lower carrier track (fixed or lift-up)
Esempi di applicazione per cancelli estensibili
Galvanised-steel Painted-galvenised-steel Stainless-steel
Collapsible gates may be supplied painted in RAL colours.
Collapsible gate
Collapsible gate for windows
For antintrusion security
Special solution
The classic solution
Collapsible gate
Collapsible gate
Collapsible gate
ISEA s.p.a. 40050 Funo di Argelato Bologna (Italia) via Galletti, 9
Tel. +39-(0)51-862004 r.a. Fax +39-(0)51-861404
PI. 00827961202    E-mail